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Alltimate Luggage 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System

  • Alltimate Garment Bag

    Alltimate Garment Bag

    Say goodbye to wrinkled suits and dresses. The garment bag provides specialized protection for your formal wear, ensuring that they remain crease-free and ready to wear upon arrival. Our exclusive extension pocket is perfect for longer items. Connect around duffle for compact carry on luggage or use separately.

  • Alltimate Duffel Bag

    Alltimate Duffle Bag

    With its spacious interior and strategic compartments, the duffle bag ensures that your essentials are organized and easily accessible, eliminating the common hassle of rummaging through your belongings. With hard sides and bottom, this duffle is your drawer away from home. Never leave things in hotel drawers again.

  • Alltimate Day Pack

    Alltimate Day Pack

    Perfect for on-the-go adventures or daily activities, the day pack allows you to keep your valuables, tech gadgets, and other day essentials within arm's reach, making transitioning from a business meeting to sightseeing a breeze. It's also your shoe/dirty laundry bag and compactly stores your garment bag and duffle.

Use Each Piece Individually or Combined
Traditional luggage systems

Inefficient Travel Gear

Does the hassle of packing, lugging and ironing your belongings leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Traditional luggage is cumbersome and impractical, causing wrinkles and frustration.

You deserve a luggage solution that simplifies your journey, leaving you free to fully enjoy the adventure ahead.

What if you could...

  1. Carry your confidence boosting clothes on board, compactly
  2. Arrive wrinkle-free
  3. Unpack in seconds
  4. Easily access essentials
  5. Reclaim valuable closet space
Experience travel lugagge sets in the travel industry

Your All Time Favorite Travel Mate

We understand the frustrations and challenges that come with travel. We're travelers at heart, just like you, and we genuinely care about making your journeys more enjoyable.

With forty years of experience in the travel industry and a deep commitment to innovation, Alltimate Luggage is truly the ultimate travel solution.

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Imagine the frustration of arriving at your destination, only to discover your carefully packed clothes are now a wrinkled mess.

Leave traditional luggage and choose Alltimate Luggage

Traditional luggage can turn your travel dreams into a crumpled disappointment.

Don't let travel mishaps steal your joy — choose Alltimate Luggage and leave wrinkles and packing woes behind.

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  • Effortless Perfect Packing

    Effortless Perfect Packing

    Dive into a world of unmatched simplicity. Alltimate's intuitive compartments and smart design put every item in its perfect place, ensuring your packing experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Pack with confidence, knowing everything you need is neatly organized and easily accessible.

  • Glide through airports with Alltimate’s ergonomic design

    Travel Light, Store Easy

    Glide through airports and aisles with Alltimate’s ergonomic design, crafted for ease and convenience. Its compact form fits effortlessly in overhead bins, while the bonus comfort strap makes carrying your luggage a breeze. You’ll arrive at your seat and securely and conveniently store your luggage overhead, ready to relax and enjoy your journey.

  • Unpack wrinkle-free with travel luggage sets

    Unpack Wrinkle-Free

    Unpack in moments and step out in style. Alltimate ensures your clothes arrive as fresh and wrinkle-free as when you packed them, empowering you to make a great impression the moment you reach your destination. With Alltimate, you're not just unpacking your belongings; you're unveiling confidence.

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