About Alltimate Luggage

Rashmi Hudson
Founder & CEO

Whether you’re traveling for business, tying in a little leisure, going for that job interview, celebrating a wedding, or enjoying a vacay of golf, tennis, wine — you name it, this system is perfect for you. The ALLTIMATE is a three-piece luggage system that makes packing and carrying easier while keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. Use it in its combined form or individually.

If your packing style is grab and go or plan ahead, this system is for you. Whether you’re a jet-setter, road warrior, or virtual master, this system is for you. And, not just for travel. Use it every day for those great workouts at the gym or studio. Pack that special outfit for a quick change for after-work get togethers. When you’re finished, storing is compact. Say goodbye to bulky luggage and say hello to your all-the-time, all-time favorite traveling mate.

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