What’s included in the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System?

  1. a garment bag to keep your hanged items wrinkle-free
  2. a duffle lined with pockets to keep items organized
  3. a sleek day pack for excursions, dirty clothes and storage, and
  4. an ergonomic strap for comfortable, handsfree carrying

Does the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System qualify as carry-on luggage?

Yes, it does. Plus, the Alltimate can be considered your personal bag aboard the plane when used with your wheeled carry-on luggage:

  • avoid last-minute gate check-in of standard carry-on suitcases, and
  • double your packing capacity when coupled with a standard carry-on suitcase.

In fact, we have experienced that some international carriers will allow the soft-sided Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System, which fits inside the guide, while they won’t allow the standard carry-on wheeled luggage. This is helpful when flying commuters between European countries too. It’s best practice to check guidelines before traveling.

Will the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System fit in the overhead bin?

Because it is soft sided, the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System fits easily in the standard and smaller overhead bins. This is also helpful for train, bus and RV travel.

Is the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System waterproof?

Both the exterior and lining materials are water repellent to repel moisture that keeps clothes dry in light rain or snow.

You get two layers of protection as each piece is fully lined.

What makes the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System sustainable?

We engineered the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System to last.

Because of our quality materials, construction and functionality, the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System will be your all-the-time, all-time favorite travel mate.

  1. Resist scuffs with CORDURA® 1000D exterior that is rugged so you can enjoy good looking luggage for years to come.
  2. Resist tears with our diamond ripstop lining that includes reinforced stitching. So, even if you accidentally poke a hole in your lining, you can continue to use it.
  3. And, the seatbelt webbing we use for the strap will not fray or tear.

With 24 pockets, the built-in organization eliminates the need for packing cubes or single-use plastic bags.

Finally, we opted for the smallest shipping box possible and encourage you to repurpose it.

 How many items can I fit in the garment bag?

This will vary based on the bulkiness of your garments and hangers.

When using the garment bag with the duffle for weekend or 4-day trips, you can pack 1 suit, 2 hanging shirts, and 1 pair of pants of gentlemen’s clothing or 3-4 shirts/dresses and 1 pair of pants of ladies’ clothing.

Note that the garment bag's extension sleeve is accessed from the inside and is perfect for longer jackets and dresses.

When using the garment bag by itself, you can pack additional items because the main compartment has a 3.5” deep main compartment and an adjustable hook and loop securing strap to keep hangers in place.

What makes this the must-have duffle?

Organization, easy access, safe keeping and thoughtful engineering make this the best travel duffle, plus they keep items from falling to the middle, making a mess of your belongings.

The Alltimate duffle has pockets on all sides — inside and out — providing the perfect spaces to keep your smaller items organized and easily accessible.

There is one privacy, lockable pocket on the inside, plus you can lock two pockets on the outside or your entire duffle.

Inside, tuck in your socks, underwear and accessories in the pockets. Outside, secure your keys and stash everything else you need quickly (phone, tablet, tickets, passport, water bottle, etc.).

And, the Alltimate duffle is lined with stiff plastic on the bottom and ends making it sturdy. Simply live out of the duffle, and never forget items in hotel drawers anymore! 

How does the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System keep clothes wrinkle-free?

  1. The garment bag has zippers on both sides to open fully allowing you to gently lay down your already pressed clothes. Traditional single zipper garment bags force you to shove your clothes inside creating wrinkles before you begin travel.
  2. With the duffle packed 80-100%, items in the garment bag stay in place when wrapped around the outside of the duffle.
  3. If you're carrying the garment bag folded in half, the clothes remain wrinkle free because there isn't a hard crease in the luggage.

Bonus tip for packing: For items with sleeves, fold sleeves to the middle at the shoulder, much like if you were holding hands in a fig-leaf position.

What’s the secret to packing for longer trips?

  • Pick your shoes and jewelry first (multipurpose), then match outfits to those items.
  • Pack one or two pants/skirts/shorts and different tops to change the look.
  • Be sure to use the garment bag for hanged items. If knit material, you can layer multiple items on one hanger.
  • Pack accessories (scarves, pocket squares, hats) that change the look.
  • Wear your bulkiest items (boots, tennis shoes, jackets, etc.).
  • Pack a little laundry detergent for mid-trip laundering - within TSA approved size containers.
  • Pack a lightweight rain jacket that will double as a wind-breaker.

What keeps the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry On Travel System from falling off of wheeled luggage?

There is an add-a-bag zipper on both the duffle bottom and the garment bag exterior so you can always use your Alltimate with your wheeled luggage.

The secret is our Secure Stay technology - lockable sliders on the top zippers that stay put when pull tabs are laid flat.