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My love for traveling dates back to when I was 7 years old, and we moved from India. I can still see the city lights below and get just as excited to this day. We absolutely love experiencing life in different environments. Sometimes it’s a trip we plan in advance, and sometimes it’s spontaneous. But, it’s always intentional, and so is our packing. We pack light for day activities AND evenings out. But carrying multiple pieces of luggage has always been a juggling act.

My search for the perfect luggage companion began when our family traveled to our first college football game and parents’ weekend. I had to carry my dresses on hangers for lack of a suitable garment bag — along with my luggage. My husband and daughter were in the same boat. And juggling everything was a hassle all the way from our car to the lobby, then waiting to check in and THEN to our room. Just not a pretty picture. 

On top of that, having to re-iron what we packed was a nightmare! 

My search for a piece of luggage that would hold my clothes, keep them wrinkle-free, and be easy to carry left me empty handed. So, when my husband said, “you’re always coming up with solutions, why don’t you invent something?” the bulldog in me took on the challenge for this new phase in life — I set out to create a system for the smart traveler. You see, I had retired after a 22-year career in marketing with Aflac, a Fortune 500® company, and we were now empty nesters. 

There were countless times when we paid for dry cleaning or spent time ironing clothes only to have them slung around the car or wrinkled in a suitcase. Parents of college students know the frustration first hand. Personally, I hated not being able to explore my destination or spend time with family only because I had to re-iron. And, you know one bad experience with a hotel iron is all it takes to ruin the outfit AND the trip!   

I’m no engineer, but I always knew if I could think of it, certainly someone could create it. You know, build a better mousetrap! With my extensive (and sometimes exhaustive) experience packing up the family, and my 90-year old father-in-law’s sage engineering advice of function first, design second, I started on a roller coaster ride to bring the ALLTIMATE™ luggage to market. 

Being a prayer warrior, I leaned on God — A LOT. He inspired me and paired me with a leading industry designer who worked with me to bring common sense features in a meticulously-designed and expertly-engineered luggage system. It took years from ideation to prototyping to sourcing and patenting (yes, patents and patents pending) to bring the savvy traveler, this world class luggage.  

I knew perseverance would pay off. So today, whether you’re traveling for business, tying in a little leisure, going for that job interview, celebrating a wedding, or enjoying a vacay of golf, tennis, wine — you name it, this system is perfect for you. The ALLTIMATE™ is a three-piece luggage system that makes packing and carrying easier while keeping your clothes wrinkle-free. Use it in its combined form or individually. 

If your packing style is grab and go or plan ahead, this system is for you. Whether you’re a jet-setter, road warrior, or virtual master, this system is for you. And, not just for travel. Use it every day for those great workouts at the gym or studio. Pack that special outfit for a quick change for after-work get togethers. When you’re finished, storing is compact. Say good bye to bulky luggage and say hello to your all-the-time, all-time favorite traveling mate.

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ALLTIMATE™ is a conglomerate of RJH Creative Solutions, LLC, licensed in Georgia, USA.

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Rashmi J. Hudson is featured on the front cover of the Ledger-Enquirer newspaper. Story outlines her journey, purpose for inventing the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On System that lets people pack their items wrinkle free and avoid lost luggage, expensive checked bag fees and have their essentials when they arrive at their destination.

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