8 Ways To Pack Your Luggage Perfectly Every Time

8 Ways To Pack Your Luggage Perfectly Every Time

TravelAwaits is a website for travelers over 50, written by people over 50, and they consider Founder Rashmi Hudson a travel insider. 
As you start to get ready for your trip, you will inevitably get that pit in your stomach about what to pack or how to pack everything you want to take with you. How will it all fit into your suitcase? Will I have enough to wear? What if I don’t have a dress shirt? It can be stressful, especially without a plan.

We talked with Rashmi Hudson about how to perfectly pack your luggage. Rashmi created and launched Alltimate Luggage after she retired to keep her mind active and keep out of the kids’ hair! She had a successful 22-year career with a Fortune 200 company as a marketing executive. She traveled a lot during her career, so she knows a thing or two about packing a suitcase. 

Rashmi says this is where the adage, “a stitch in time saves nine” comes into play. Her approach to packing is methodical. She collects her items in advance based on her destination and the availability of items in case she forgets something. 

She told us eight things she does every time she packs, so you can pack perfectly every time.

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