Top 11 Items To Pack For Your Cruise’s Beach Excursion

Top 11 Items To Pack For Your Cruise’s Beach Excursion

TravelAwaits is a website for travelers over 50, written by people over 50, and they consider Founder Rashmi Hudson a travel insider. 

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to set sail. But are you ready for the days you get off the cruise ship? Chances are, you’ll explore a port or two, and those stops will include a beach. There are a few things you’ll want to include in your beach bag to make the day fun, convenient, and comfortable. 

To find out the important beach items to include in your luggage, we talked with Rashmi Hudson. Rashmi launched Alltimate Luggage after she retired to keep her mind active and to keep out of the kids’ hair! She had a successful 22-year career with a Fortune 200 company as a marketing executive where she did a lot of traveling! She’s had some practice in knowing the best things to pack to make the most out of her trips. 

We talked with Rashmi about the top items to pack for a beach cruise excursion.

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